In the Mist

In The Mist


11.5 x 9 inches / 21.21 x 22.86 cm foil pressed cloth cover. 128 pages, printed on 157gsm Sun FSC matte art paper, with spot varnished photographs & text. Edition of 1000 copies


ISBN: 978-0-9966583-0-0.

Product Description

In The Mist Giving voice to Silence”

Exquisite photographs capturing Oregon’s mist-clad landscapes, urban moments and enchanting coastline illuminated by nuanced poetry from  seven esteemed Oregon-based poets. Young’s images, along with their poetic responses, celebrate the ethereal wonder of the mist and the voice that emerges from silence. In The Mist binds together poetry and photography in a relationship in which one is not excluded from the other, but rather both are met and bound and emerge as a new wholeness—a wholeness seeking that which is hidden in the mist and that which is revealed: silence, memory, breath.



Russell Young spent over ten years capturing the light and movement of the Oregon’s rain-softened landscapes to discover a language that seemed to exist in the absence of sound: mist. The long-standing and accomplished Northwest writing group, known as the Pearl Poets, collaborated with Young to respond to and draw inspiration from his mist-filled landscapes. Both the images and lyric poems in this book, invite us to awaken our own receptivity and discover the mystery of silence and mist.

Nelda Reyes: Stage and Screen actor,  Director


Poetry and photography combine in artistic synergy that is captivating, intriguing, thought-provoking and genuine. Russell Young collaborates with the Pearl Poets, a longstanding Northwest group of 7 women poets, to create a gently stunning book of sand and sea, clouds and sky, trees and earth, and words that whisper and nudge, explain and suggest. This is a work both grounding and ethereal. The poetry is sensitive and specific and like the whisper of the clouds in Young’s timeless images guides the gentle reader into self discovery that captures the universal experience of silence within and without.

Christy Drogosch: Director, stage actor, teacher